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Bangkok colourful floating markets are familiar to many through the photos in tourist guides and travel books. Even though sales are more concerned with tourists rather than locals these days, the floating market boats are still piled high with tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh, ready-to-drink coconut juice and local food cooked from kitchens located right on the boat. Read more

If there is one place synonymous with Thailand, and one place visitors must see when they are in Bangkok, it is the Grand Palace. Located in amongst the glittering array of temples, statues and buildings, the Palace remains one of the most wonderful spectacles of the country To get to the Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha . . .

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This area is a haven for backpackers and those travelling on a budget, as it is home to some of the cheapest accommodation deals in Thailand. If Bangkok is a city where East greets West, then Khao San Road is the scene of their collision, the place where they jostle for superiority and poke one another in the eye. With   eclectic market stalls, converted VW cocktail bars ...  Read more
This red-light district has a more laid-back, carnival-like feel to it than Patpong or Nana Plaza. Flashing neon lights up a colourful street comprised mainly of middle-aged expats and western tourists, and of course a lot of sexily dressed girls. With cries of 'helloooa, welcome!' the latter try to lure you into one of the 20 or so A go-go bars that line its sides... don't be shy. . . 
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The streets have plenty of goldshop and restaurants selling shark fin and birds nest soups. Many people swear by the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine, and there are plenty of traditional Chinese herbal medicine shops. Huge lines of glass jars full of colourful dried salted fish, dried seahorses and all manner of leaves, bark, roots and flowers, make this a very colourful and scented area. Read more

Thailand's world-famous attractions have been well documented on television, are used as backdrops in several Hollywood movies and crop up again and again in modern fiction. For tourists, Bangkok has a feast of attractions to offer. The city is dotted with 400 glittering Buddhist temples of great beauty and fascination, magnificent palaces, classical dance extravaganzas, numerous shopping centres and traditional ways of life, especially along the "Venice of the East" timeless canals and the Chao Phraya River of the "River of Kings" winding through the city. It is worth taking a trip along its waters before exploring further into different canals to take a glimpse of old Bangkok.